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To Continue Adding Daily Steps is To Add Health

If there is one good thing to note about quarantine, it is that it has made many of us exercise at home. Going through the hallways to add daily steps is one of the easiest and perhaps most important options to stay active. Experts say taking 10,000 steps a day is synonymous with a great dose of health. But if we are confined in a normal flat, how do we manage to add up so many steps? For better and for worse, we are living in a situation where everything is possible and this is also possible.

Your steps to health

We will start at the beginning, put on some good sneakers, the ones at home are not worth it. As they will be on the street, you can clean them before you start walking. Once this is done, go for something, be it music, an audiobook, a podcast or take the opportunity to make some calls to family and friends.

If you are not lucky enough to have a treadmill, plan a different route each day, even if your house is small, you can alternate paths. The important thing is that you do not take it as the most boring moment of the day but as the healthiest.

Moving is vital, Even in Quarantine

But why is it so important to keep walking? An investigation, published in the journal JAMA, analyzed over 4,500 participants aged 40 and over for 3 years, to assess the relationship between the number of daily steps and the risk of death.

After years of study, they found that people who reached 12,000 steps a day had a 65% lower risk than those who did not exceed 4,000. The investigation also determined that the speed or intensity of gait does not matter.

However, the research is observational and medical causality cannot be established at this time. Even with this, what it does show is that walking is essential to be healthy since it activates blood circulation and improves the state of the muscles.

And if you dare, do sports from home too

If the steps are short and you want to do some moderate sports, you can do it with guided exercises. Are you a client of Movistar Fusión? If so, and you have the UHD Decoder at home, go to Movistar + and click on the “Apps” section at the top of the screen.

Within the entire application catalogue, you will see one called App #SeguimosConectados. Once you click, you will find several options, but if you want to play sports, you must go to “Don’t stop taking care of yourself”.

Enjoy exercises for runners with the athlete Chema Martínez and « Yoga at home » with @unavidayogui. Every day the exercises will be updated so that you do not stop training. In addition, they will come in great whether you are already started on the subject or if it is the first time you do it since you will have companion videos to learn the step by step.