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Myths And Facts About The Brain


Facts And Myths About the Human Brain

The brain is the most important and the most complex organ of our organism. It is considered the hard drive of every human being, weighs about a kilogram and a half and contains around 100 billion neurons.

Myths And Facts About The Brain

It is an essential organ, but it also hides realities and myths that have emerged over the years. Which are? What is true about these rumours? Below, we list the best-known myths about the brain.

We Only Use 10% of Our Brain

It is the most widespread expression in the human brain. The reality is that this comment is an urban legend that has been intensified thanks to science fiction movies. You could say that movies like Lucy or Limitless are to blame for this myth.

In other words, we use this body in its entirety and at all times.

Our personality depends on the dominant hemisphere
“If your dominant hemisphere is the right, you are a creative person.” We will have heard this expression on several occasions, but, according to the studies carried out in this regard, this is a myth. Our way of being does not depend on one hemisphere or another.

A person constantly uses both hemispheres, although it is true that each hemisphere is in charge of different tasks.

This myth may have arisen out of research by scientist Roger Sperry on epilepsy. This project helped him win a Nobel Prize.

Listening to Classical Music Makes You Smarter

It is completely false. It all goes back to 1950 when the research was done with students from the University of California (USA) and it was discovered that if subjects listened to 10 minutes of Mozart music before conducting an IQ test, they improved their score.

This was renamed the “Mozart effect”. Years later, the investigation was repeated, and the expected results were not achieved. Even so, we will continue to enjoy classical music concerts just in case.

The senses, a myth that we learn from a young age
One of the myths about the brain goes back to when we went to school. We have always been told that we have the senses of hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste. But the reality is that we have more than five senses.

Scientists list a total of 21 senses. An example would be proprioception, which is the ability to locate our joints at all times.

It is also necessary to clarify that touch receives more senses, such as the perception of pain or heat.

The Brain is Grey

The brain is considered the grey matter, but is it really grey? The reality is different: the brain has a white matter with fibres that connect to the this substance contains neuromelanin.

For everything we learn, our brain creates a new fold
Its surface is covered by folds. Many people believe that they are formed by each new thing that we learn. But it must be said that this is completely false.

These wrinkles form before birth, and this process continues throughout childhood. What is true is that it regenerates over the years, that is, it creates new connections during adulthood.

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