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Hotstar Download for PC Windows

Hotstar has more than 100000 hours of entertainment and movies spreading across 18 Indian languages. Hotstar App has available only for Android and iOS platforms. It has no dedicated app available for Desktop platform. But don’t worry. You can still hotstar download for Laptop and enjoy the live cricket streaming.

download hotstar for pc

Hotstar is very famous with is the slogan, Go Solo. It is enormously popular especially after getting streaming rights for Indian Premier League (IPL). But it’s not only limited to IPL live streaming. Hotstar has much more than you expect. All the Indian team home cricket matched are being telecasted in Hotstar. Are you bored of watching cricket? No problem. Hotstar has a huge deck of latest movies collection for you which is being updated on a regular basis.

How to Download Hotstar app for PC

While you are frustrated enough after hearing about the negative thing about the downloading process, time to just gear up as this article will guide you throughout and provide you ways to hotstar download and run Hotstar very conveniently. You can just do it very easily, no doubt about it, but you will require the help of third-party intervention.

So, what is it actually? The third party here is an Android emulator. Now, there are so many types of emulators available on the internet, and you can take the help of anyone of them. However, this guide will show you how to do it using BlueStacks. Another such emulator is Andy, by which you can follow the similar steps in the installation process.

Steps to Download Hotstar for pc

Well, now that you know to download Hotstar, you will need an Android emulator, so the first and foremost step includes having such emulator installed in your PC.

  • You need to download BlueStacks first. Search for it on the internet, and you will get many valid downloading links. Follow the steps, which are pretty simple. Once the downloading part is complete, install it
  • The next step is to search for Hotstar APK link. The ongoing latest version is v5.4.6. So, look out for it and accordingly download it
  • On completing the download, you need to open the Hotstar file in BlueStacks. Once done, it will install Hotstar on BlueStacks.
  • The installation will be then automatically done, which completes your downloading and installation process of Hotstar on your PC.
  • To open Hotstar, you will have to open BlueStacks. This is because the Hotstar file has been installed in BlueStacks and that is when the need for an emulator can be understood.
  • Isn’t it pretty simple enough? Well, enjoy whatever show you want to see and just remember to open BlueStacks, whenever you want to operate Hotstar on your PC.

Why Hotstar for PC?

It all started with a mobile application. But now Hotstar has its own website where you can simply open the website URL and browse through their content. It’s the best and preferred way is watching hotstar. But do you know watching hotstar on the mobile platform has its own advantages? Yes, similar to a lot of services which are exclusively targeting smartphone users, you’ll get few benefits only on the mobile application.

Watch content without delay: As few of you might have noticed that you’ll get some of the cricket matches with 5 minutes delay in website for non-premium users. Whereas you can watch the same match live in the mobile app. So in such case, you can simply install Hotstar for PC and enjoy all the benefits you’ll get with the mobile app in your laptop as well.

Mobile exclusive content: Sometimes Hotstar enables few premium movies for free exclusively for Android and iOS users. You can watch it for free if you download Hotstar for PC. Similar to Hotstar, you can find offers or benefits like Mobile exclusive in e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon. So if you don’t have a smartphone available with you, then you can Download Flipkart for PC or Download Amazon for PC using the steps mentioned in this article and enjoy all the deals.


Adding Text to Photos on Android:

It is possible that on some occasion you have needed to share the text you have in a paper manual or an advertisement, but you have not known how to do this beyond taking a photo with your smartphone. If you want to go one step further and achieve something that is editable, one of the applications that exist to achieve this is Image to Text. We show what this development for Android offers.

Adding Text to Photos

The work we are talking about has something that we liked a lot: it is really easy to use it and, in addition, the compatibility it offers with the different terminals is very great. Therefore, in seconds it is possible to know exactly what has to be done with Image to Text to take advantage of it. In addition, with a terminal with 2 GB of RAM, the execution is excellent. Good work is done by developers.

With a very intuitive interface since there is nothing that can confuse, there is something that should be corrected in this development: it is not translated. It is true that there is not a great dependence on the text that makes up the application, but at some moments it would be appreciated if the software were completely localized. By the way, we have verified that the operation of the terminal does not suffer when carrying this work installed or leaving it in the background since it hardly consumes resources, which is always positive.

Something that caught the attention of Image to Text at first is that it does not offer a Settings section. At first, this seemed like a mistake to us since we assumed that there were not very few customization options. But, with the continued use of the application, we realized that for what it is created it is not necessary to offer more than it has … so this is finally considered a success. The case is that you will not be able to vary anything in what has to do with the use and the way of working … the development is as it is, that simple.

Use and Efficiency When Using Image to Text

When working with an image there are two options that work offers. To use both you have to do the same: click on the icon with the « + » symbol in the central area of ​​the interface. You simply find a jewel to choose between using the year that is already stored or using the smartphone or tablet camera (permits are required for them, which can be granted without risk). Once this is done, a new screen appears in which you can adjust the area of ​​the image that you want to convert into editable text since only what you see is what you will work with.

Next, use the buttons shown in the lower area. The first is the one that makes use of another image … and if what you want is to start the process, you have to click on Recognize Image. This takes a time that varies depending on the amount of existing text and the power of the terminal. But this action usually does not take more than half a minute. When the processing is finished, a blue screen is displayed with the converted text that can be selected regularly in the Android operating system to choose the one that fits us, there is even an option that allows you to directly share everything you have acquired. Everything is that simple.

Surely now you wonder about the reliability of the results. And the truth is that Image to Text has room for improvement. It is true that with English everything works more or less well with some flaws that are understandable. But, with Spanish, the houses are not perfect and there is a failure rate of 40% and this is something to keep in mind. One detail: if there are many images in the document, things are even worse … so this is something to consider.

Image to Text, Install This Application on your Android

Getting this development is very simple and reliable since it is possible to download it from the Galaxy Apps store (we leave the link after this paragraph) at no cost. With simple use and without being too demanding in what has to do with hardware, this development is a possibility that we should not rule out to do something that the Android operating system itself does not provide by default. Trying it is something that is not crazy.